The ADO (Olympic Athletes Association) Plan from the athletes, sponsors and institutions’ perspective

Gómez, Sandalio; Martí, C.; Gigante, J.; Opazo, Magdalena, “El plan ADO desde la perspectiva de deportistas, patrocinadores e institucionalidad: Una evaluación basada en el diálogo entre los agentes”, IESE, DI-926, 06/2011

The importance and prestige of sports achievements today is such that countries are willing to invest a lot of money in activities that contribute to this goal, which has become national in nature. Spain is no stranger to this reality, and in 1988 the Association of Olympic Athletes (ADO), a non-profit organisation was created for the preparation of Spanish athletes for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992.

Today ‘Plan ADO‘ is a project that has been in operation for over twenty years and that has supported an important number of athletes in its trajectory. However, both the reality and the sporting level of Spain have changed considerably in the last decades, which motivated us to look at this Olympic preparation program to evaluate it from the perspective of the multiple stakeholders that are involved.

The objective of our research was to evaluate the operation of the ADO plan from the perspective of the athletes, sponsors and the institutional framework of the program. To this end, a semi-structured questionnaire was sent to these three stakeholders:
1) Athletes – 62 ADO scholarship holders;
2) 5 Sponsoring companies; and
3) 3 Senior program managers).

The results of the investigation were divided among the three agents separately to then distinguish both meeting points and divergences that occur among them. Download the article here.

This is some of the insights of the research – The key pillars in the training and development of elite athletes:

IESE DI-0926 Athlete Success



My research of the impact of the football manager turnover on Spanish professional football clubs playing in La Liga was used in the inspiring book The Juande Method of Managing Change:

Carrascosa, J.; Damiá, Y.; Kase, Kimio; Urrutia de Hoyos, Ignacio, “Reconversión organizativa: el método Juande Ramos”, Sta. Cristina Perillo (A Coruña): Netbiblo, 2009.

Juan de la Cruz Ramos Cano, aka Juande, is a coach with a solid track record. He has gone from humble beginnings to coaching great teams such as Real Madrid. Above all, he has shown he is capable of rescuing sinking ships: under his leadership, Tottenham Hotspurs went from relegation to win the Carling Cup, England’s equivalent of Spanish Copa del Rey.

It is this skill that has attracted the interest of psychologist José Carrascosa, journalist Yolanda Damià, IESE Prof. Kimio Kase, and Ignacio Urrutia of Antonio de Nebrija University. In their book, Organizational Change: The Juande Method, they explain the techniques that Juande employs and apply his management philosophy to the business world. Read related article here.

Reconversion Organizativa